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NEW Art Collection & Video

"Hope, girl!" 9 Portraits, 9 Messages If you love butterflies you will love my new art collection and video called, "Butterfly Wings." I created most of this art in 2022 and what an unexpected joy and pleasure it was. Before 2022, I hadn't painted much art for some years but after I finished the first painting, "Hope, girl!" I was excited to create more art. The collection includes nine acrylic paint portraits that are 16x20 in size.  In the video, you will see the female messengers rocking their afros and butterfly inspired stories set to music. Their messages are inspired by the life work of the butterfly. I loved creating these images and they encouraged me to embrace more joy, hope and life purpose.  I hope this video and art inspire you to pursue you life work like the butterfly. Take a look at the video. Thank you for watching and come fly with me! :)
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NEW ART & VIDEO - My Biggest Painting Ever

Happy March! Today, I am sharing new art and a video called "Meet Dominique." She is the  BIGGEST painting I have ever done at 24 x 48 inches tall. In this video, I will take you backstage to see how she was created and then you will see her grace the fashion runway with confidence, celebration, joy and hope.  Take a look at the video to see Dominique's transformation as she prepares for the fashion show! Video Link Here Dominique is the final painting for my 2023 "Glitter & Glamour" art collection. She really captures the style and attitude of all the art in this collection. (See the full collection and video playlist  HERE )  I started this painting in January 2024 and finished her in late February. What a joy and a challenge it was to figure out the dimensions. Love how she turned out and I hope she fills your heart more with joy and confidence. Be inspired!

Fantastic Christmas Trees 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!  I hope the holiday season was joyful and fulfilling for you and your family. Every year, Ron and I love seeing our favorite Christmas Trees as well as new ones. Here is a look at these gorgeous trees. South Coast Plaza Mall This tree was so huge! You are seeing just half the tree from the second floor. We had a great time at the mall seeing all the decorations and this spectacular tree. Loved this Poinsettia plant tree! Saddleback Church I can imagine how glorious this tree is at night. Wish we could of seen it shine. 2nd & PCH Shopping Center Embassy Suites Hotel Rio Hondo Golf Course Lobby City Hall We love taking pictures every year at our city's tree. We went on Christmas Eve and enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this fun tour of some of our local beautiful trees! Happy holidays and wishing you all a blessed New Year.

YT Video- Flipping Though 14 Layouts of 2023

As I look back on 2023, I was glad to see I made 14 scrapbook layouts. Some months ago, I knew I wanted to make a "flip through" YouTube video sharing these pages. When I counted the pages last week, I was happily surprised to see I had more than I thought. Take a look and I hope you enjoy seeing these creations. Click Here Here are a few of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all a wonderful NEW YEAR! Be inspired!

NEW ART PREMIERE VIDEO: Glitter & Glamour Collection

NEW ART 2023: I am excited to invite you all to check out my new art collection and video called, "Glitter & Glamour." This virtual art show features 21 paintings I made inspired by this year's annual couture "Fashion Week" shows I saw online. In this video, you will see a fashion show styled presentation featuring my "Sassy Stencil Girls" and the "Inspired Models." They are wearing outfits that reflect joy, celebration, confidence and hope.  I had a ball creating these models. Take a look! Video HERE Also, here are two behind the scenes videos if you want to see how the art was made. Behind the Scenes Video HERE Process Video HERE I hope these videos inspire you and fill your heart with joy, celebration, confidence and hope ! Thanks for watching!

NEW ART: 2 Sneak Peek Videos- Glitter & Glamour Collection

Hey everyone! All year, I have been busy creating my NEW art collection and virtual show called, "Glitter & Glamour" and it's finally ready. These two videos will give you a behind the scenes look at how I made the "Sassy Stencil Girls" and my "Inspired Models." The full collection and video will be premiering soon. I can't wait for you to see all 21 paintings. In the meantime, check out these videos and enjoy! Process video for "Sassy Stencil Girls" is  HERE Video link for "Behind the Scenes"  HERE

Another Heidi Swapp Pocket Card

I adore making papercrafts and this pocket card project by Heidi Swapp was a joy to learn and create. She offers this pocket class called "Surprise Inside" on her website and I enjoyed taking it in 2021. Class Link Here After finishing this card, I created a YouTube tutorial about it. Have you ever seen a multi nesting project like this? So creative! My YouTube Tutorial Recently, I was looking at this video and decided to make another one. I used Jen Hadfield's "Peaceful Heart" collection . So pretty! I haven't filled it with pictures yet but at least you can see it as it is. Take a look! 7 Pieces in all I hope you enjoyed seeing this fun card. Give it a try! Have a nice day!