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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Glass Slipper

Happy New Years!  Hope you all have had a blast so far.  I wanted to share something fun. Our city had a float in the annual Rose Parade called "The Glass Slipper." Isn't that cool? I found out about it a while back and they welcomed lots of volunteers to help decorate it. I didn't make it but hope to do it later this year.

So it was exciting seeing it on TV along with all the other floats. Our City of Downey has participated in this event for about 100 years! I was so surprised to hear this. WOW!

Then on Thursday night I found out the float would be back in town for all to see. I just had to get over there and see it in person that night and then the next day. Boy, is it pretty! I saw lots of roses, orchids, and other flowers. They were even selling the flowers and parts of the float as memorabilia. They put alot of work into it and I know they were so proud. It even won this year's "Founder's Trophy."

Here are a few pictures of this beauty.

Photo from: https://www.facebook.com/DowneyRoseFloat

Thanks for stoppping by and have a super day!