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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Looking Back- K. Simone Designs

Happy Summer! I hope you are enjoying yourselves so far. I know many of you have heard of #throwbackthursday on social media. So this  #throwbacksunday. LOL!

Last May, we reactivated our K. Simone Designs greeting card business.  Since then, we have been planning and working on some new goals. Doing all this has taken me back down memory. Boy, I have made SO many cards and we were fortunate to have some great experiences, too.

Today, I will be sharing one of my favorite experiences from 2011, our first year in business. Some of you may remember I blogged about our first opportunity to sell our cards at actress Tori Spelling's former store, Inventori. That was such an amazing time and gave us great excitement and joy.

Ron and I at Inventori. Didn't my card babies look good on that table? :)

Her staff was so kind and worked well with us.

Store staff Jennifer and Anthony with me

Our holiday cards

Then, later that year,  I was able to met Tori at a store event. She was so lovely and encouraging.

Tori Spelling and me 2011
Hope you all enjoyed this blast to the past and I hope to share any new updates as the year goes on. 

Now back to work for this year's cards. Go K. Simone Designs, go! LOL!