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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Live Forward

Happy October to all! I am getting ready for the holidays already and hope to have some Christmas cards to share soon.

While I am in card mode and am still enjoying creating faces and painting. Here is one of the last ones I did called, "Live Forward." Just a reminded to keeping looking ahead in life. Driving like life is supposed to be done by looking through the windshield not the rear view window. (Oh, that is a good one. LOL!)

Also, I loved using strips of patterned paper in the background. Then painted over them with layers of colors and then added stamps and that face. Isn't she pretty? I am so proud I am learning to draw profiles. They have been hard to do but I am starting to get it.

Take a look!

Thanks for looking and hope you have a terrific day!


  1. Kelly, you are right, she is beautiful! I love the medallion in her hair too. That background is so cool. What a great technique those strips are. I love this. So glad you are enjoying the process.

  2. I think I am always looking thru the rear view mirror!!! LOL Loving this drawing,. I can not believe how far you have come! She is a beauty-almost 3-d. I mean you are adding depth and dimension to these drawings. Next we will be saying "we knew her when"LOL

  3. Well,this is gorgeous and so professionally done. I see vast improvement in just this short time. Bravo Kelly!!

  4. this is so pretty- love the colors

  5. This is gorgeous! You are so talented - I love your work.
    I hope you are doing well.

  6. Nice job. I love the layered look and feel to this.

  7. You've moved up to profile and I am still on stick people. You did a great job creating the side profile. Great Job!!!