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Monday, October 18, 2010

Mad Men Tribute

Yes, this season I got hooked on that tv show MAD MEN. Tonight was the season finale and I will miss the show until it returns.  This 1960's story follows the life of Don Draper, the lead character, and his advertising firm. He is one of several partners that is trying to make a successful business in the tough world of advertising.  There lives are so connected personally and professionally but also they lead rather secret lives outside of the office. 

I really enjoyed some of the episodes that showed how the firm goes about business.  The sales pitches, brainstorming,  and the overall creative process.  Also, I like how we could see how different it was for women in the workplace. Sexism was alive and well but these women found their way in spite of it all.

Don is my favorite character because his life is so complicated and interesting.  I found myself pulling for him week after week. Even talking out loud to the tv when he made stupid decision like tonight!  But since I just started watching this season 4 and need to go back and see some of the past seasons to really connect the dots to Don's life and the other characters.  Watch Past Episodes HERE

Now, let's talk about fashion.  I loved the fifties and sixties fashion. This show does a great job with this.  They make you feel like you are in the time period with them with the updo's, a-lined dresses and the make-up.  The men in their black and grey suits with their hair slicked back was so reflective of the time. And of course the men's accessories were cigarettes and a glass of some hard liquor. (Boy, did these men drink!)

Do I have any fellow watchers out there?  What did you think of the finale? 

Well, this is my salute and good bye to Mad Men.  Guess I will have to find something else to watch on Sunday nights.  :(  Can't wait for season 5!

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  1. Hi ... you don't officially know me, but you recently joined a new scrappy blog site that I joined as well, and I found a link to your blog there. Anywho ... I also found Mad Men this past season and fell in love, so much so that even before the season finale, I went online and ordered seasons 1 through 3 just so I could also "connect the dots". My sister has been an avid watcher since it's beginning and she told me, you must watch it from the beginning to really get it. Oh my ... we are finally up to season 3 and I am even more hooked now than ever. I have to say the writing is perfect, there are so many small things that I would assume most people don't even catch, but I have a husband for an eye for the litte things, and when you own the DVD's you can go back and re-watch all those moments that fit perfectly yet seem to blend so naturally. I highly recommend you rent them, or buy them and have a marathon, totally catch up before season 5 begins, you won't be sorry.