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Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Scrapbook Expo

Well, it finally came! Ron and I had been anticipating the convention and were so excited to go on Saturday. This was our first time. Although it was very cold that day it was a beautiful sunny day. When we arrived the parking was already full so we had to figure out how we would get in. Then after a Carl's Jr. break, we braved the trek again. This time we saw here he could drop me off right in front. Yeah! Then he found some parking up close and didn't have to take a super long walk.

We finally got in there and there were so many people, vendors and crop space. Plus they had classes and workshops upstairs. I definitely had sensory overload. But after a while we got through the rows. I brought a few things but my best buys were the Spellbinder dies and mats. Great price!

Me & My Big Ideas was one of the most popular booths. They had boxes of packaged goodies and those ladies were going crazy. It was so thick in there you couldn't get a plate between them. :) It looked like kits but whatever it was there was a line waiting to get in there. Another popular one was company that had lots of items for $1 or $2.  It was busy but not crazy but I decided to past. Not Ron! He had to go in there to get something for a dollar. He is a good bargain shopper. :)

After a few hours of walking around and seeing the sites we were pooped out. But we had fun! Next year, I hope to take some of the classes and of course more shopping!

Here are a few pictures from the day.


  1. Certainly looks like a fun day ... and how great is that, that you were able to get the husband to go with you. Mine would laugh hysterically before leaving me at the door and saying "I'll be back in 3 hours" .... LOL.

  2. It looks like a wonderful Expo. I've been to a couple here, but they didn't look anything like that. What a fun day you must have had. By the way, Kelly, you are so pretty in those photos. Your husband is not only handsome, but a great guy to go with you to a scrapping event. Let us know how the classes go next year.

  3. Isn't the Scrapbook Expo so much fun?! They come to Chicago every year. We always have a bunch of friend meet up. It's nice your hubby went with you - I'm sure it was quite an education for him! LOL!!

    P.S. I'm glad you're a Spellbinders fan ;0)

  4. I am so bummed that I missed this one. I hadn't heard it was those dates, I need to keep up better. Sounds like you had way too much fun!

  5. How fun!! I wish they had something like that here in Ohio. Your hubby is a sweetheart to go with you and you're so cute!! He is too :) thanks for sharing!