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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Card Won at Paper Craft Magazine

Just found out last night that my card won the May card challenge at Paper Crafts Magazine! It was one of three winners. This is the first card contest I have ever entered and won. So I was going crazy when I heard about this. What a honor!

I found out about the contest and at the last minute decided to enter. Of course I forgot about it. But last night when I was checking my blog, one of my readers told me about it. I was so excited.  What a way to end my birthday weekend. Awesome! Thank you Paper Craft Magazine!

Come see the post about it. Paper Crafts Blog Mine it the first one under KellyR. Thanks for looking!


  1. YEAH YEAH YEAH! SO happy for you!
    ~kellybertram.blogspot.com seeing if posting anonymous gets me through ha ha

  2. Wow Kelly! So excited for you! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!! Can't wait to see what next for you.

  3. Yay Kelly. You go girl! That's so awesome. :)