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Friday, September 28, 2012

My First Drawing Attempts

Artist, me??? Over the last several years I have taken time to explore and develop my creative interests. First it was the greeting cards, scrapbooking, coloring books, painting, floral design and even some cooking. This Summer I started an art journal. I liked it so much that I wanted to improve my drawing so I would have more skill in expressing myself graphically. So I made my first real attempts to learn to draw.

I never was interested in or good at drawing. I even remember in elementary school when we had to watch a video and draw what the man was drawing. I was so frustrated and couldn't get it. So you can image my surprise when all of a sudden, I wanted to draw.

My husband is a great artist and I asked if I could see some of his skill books.  I picked one of the lady images to practice on and had fun trying.  The book was good because it gave a step by step guide to teach me how to do it. Please forgive her stern look but she is from a comic super-hero art book! LOL!

My very first drawing of the super-hero lady!

The nose was the hardest to do but they are getting better.

I loved trying different hair styles & make-up.

Adding earring was fun too.

Loved trying this short hair style.

Just love this red hair!

Isn't it amazing how fast I am progressing???? I just started all this this month and have never done anything like this before!!!!  Also, this has been such great medicine to relieve stress. When I am drawing I feel so peaceful and calm. Just love this!

After all these faces, I wanted to try this ocean view. Awwww, this scene looks so relaxing.

Thanks for taking a look and have a super weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness!! These are absolutely amazing! Wow! Are you sure you are a beginner? This is wonderful! Drawing faces is very hard and you've done a wonderful job here, can't wait to see more!

  2. Wow GF! You are doing a great job with these! I can't draw much of anything and I admire those who can. These are quite good for no longer then you have been learning this art. Keep up the great work-soon we will be seeing you in museums!

  3. Oh Kelly!! Drawing faces has got to be the hardest thing (according to my mom) and you've done a great job!! I love the different hair styles! The look awesome! BTW, I would love to have the 1st girl's nose :)

  4. Fantastic! I find sketching faces to be fun and totally relaxing.

  5. Kelly, it hard to imagine you are a beginner. I'm a beginner. I can draw stick figures at best, but these ladies and the beach scene you have drawn are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your next set of drawings.