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Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Other Crafts

Happy Holidays! I hope you all have had a good one. I wanted to share some of the other crafts I have been working on over the last few months. When I lost my card mojo for a while I wanted to try some other crafts.

First, my crocheting project. I vaguely remember crocheting years ago. Maybe it was in high school Home Ec.  So, I got some yarn and watched a how-to video on YouTube and went to work. Still working on it and it looks like a long scarf. Next time I want to try to make a flower or something like that.

Next, I tried some jewelry making. I remember as a kid making some earrings with some bobby pins and hair beads. But this time I used some beads from a kit I bought some years ago. I am not crazy about the colors but since this was for practice and fun it was OK. The turquoise circles and silver are from Michael's.

Also, I have tried my hand at baking a few cakes and still drawing, too. So next time I will share some of the drawings. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Fun to try different things! Ihave tossed around the idea of making jewelry too but never enough tiime. I will be doing more scrapbooking the next couple of months now that all my holiday project are finished.

  2. Oh I love your crocheting!! Beautiful and your jewelry looks like a lot of fun! Enjoy yourself and I want to see a cake :)

  3. Kelly, I love the crocheted scarf you are making. There are a lot of simple small flower patterns on the internet that would look beautiful on your cards. I love to see the new things you are trying. Your jewelry is pretty too. So glad you are enjoying the crafting process.

  4. Kelly, I was thinking the same in regards to Nylene's comment. Small crocheted flowers would be adorable on your cards and cost effective too. Your scarf is wonderful as well as your jewelry. As for the cake, that was my passion for so long and I still make cakes from time-to-time. There's a cake gallery on my blog if you would like to see.

  5. Girl Friend you are a jack of all trades and soon will be a master of all of them!!! You are one talented girl! You do not have time to get bored! Love it keep it up! We miss you when you are not showing us all the great things you can do!!!!