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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hat Ladies

Happy New Years everyone! I hope 2013 turns out to be a great year for all of us!!! Well, with all my new crafts I am trying here are a few pictures I drew a few months ago. I wanted to stretch my talents by trying to add hats to those lady faces. It was a fun challenge and I like how they turned out. I still can't believe I am drawing! Amazing!
Now I present to you... HAT LADIES! Which one is your favorite? Click on them for a closer look. Enjoy!


  1. Oh Kelly these are really good! I think you need to do Kate-You know the princessas she wears some really cute hats! And the hats of the two cousins when they went to the wedding-you know those dingy looking ones! LOL I am such a tease!

  2. They are all fantastic!! I really love #2 and the shadow under the brim makes it look so real!

  3. Hard to choose but I think I love #1! Keep it up. I want to see more.

  4. WOW!! Kelly these are fabulous. Stay on this you are so talented.

  5. Kelly, you are a multi-talented girl! Awesome sketches!

  6. wow so nice:)
    I like the first and the last one. I guess I have some hats like of those that they are wearing.. I love them all but I like the first and last one the most..

    you are so talented:)