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Friday, March 29, 2013

My Super Hero

This month we celebrated my sweet husband's birthday. I really went crazy with all the creativity to make his day extra special. Since he loves super heroes, especially the Green Lantern I decided to make the weekend birthday celebration with a super hero theme. He was so excited as I presented a special creations throughout the four days of celebration. Everything was a surprise and I couldn't wait for his reactions.

I started it off making a Green Lantern sign we hung up wishing him a "Happy Birthday."  Then, I made him a super card which featured our green hero.

One night before his weekend, I got an idea to create and write a comic book style story introducing a new hero, Careerman. This hero was about my husband's life as a career counselor. It turned out so funny and we both laughed so much.

I even drew of picture of what I thought our new hero Careerman would look like. I was so happy how it turned out. We have a How To Draw Comics book. So I found an image and drew it free hand. Very big challenge but fun.

Finally, I did a layout with speech bubbles continuing that comic book theme.

So here is everything. Thanks for taking a look!

I added this pocket to hold his giftcard.


  1. oh my, I bet he LOVED this! What a great idea and a way to make him feel super special! Happy Easter!

  2. Your super hero creations are so fun Kelly. Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog and on the SEI blog. You are so sweet. Hope you and your family had a Happy & Blessed Easter! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, this is so fun.
    I am sure your husband was so thrilled with everything you did for him.
    Love this.

  4. Wow Kelly, what a fabulous idea!! How fun and creative! I bet he loved it!

  5. Kelly, what a AWESOME idea. I cannot conceived to draw pass stick figures let alone a superhero. There's always inspiration over here;)