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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Realistic Pencil Art

Happy November to you all! I hope you are enjoying your week. Today I wanted to share some new art I have been learning over  the past few weeks. It is a realistic style of pencil art. I just love how they are turning out.

Here are a few pictures of some of my favorites. Until I learn to draw teeth let's just assume they are there! LOL!

This is the first one I was trying to add shadows. Mother and child just look so content!

Originally, I drew this one and erased most of it. Then I started again and so proud of how she turned out. Those eye are sparkling and her hair is so smooth.

Love the light in her hair. I drew her from a picture of Rihanna.

I  drew this one from a picture of myself. Just love it!

This lady just looks so excited, happy and lovely. I drew her from a picture of Jennifer Garner.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day.


  1. "Until I learn to draw teeth let's just assume they are there! LOL!"
    This had me laughing out loud! I love watching you grow in your artwork. You do amazing eyes! What a talent you have had hidden away all this time!

  2. Kelly, I see so much growth each time you post new drawings. I am especially fond of the differences that you create in each one. I think that speaks to a blooming talent. Keep on keeping on,love the opportunity to share in your art!

  3. They're wonderful and beautiful! I love their hair with the light and their eyes! Wow you are so talented! My mom was a painter and she never painted people, she said they were too difficult.

  4. Oh how pretty are they! I love the look of the pencil!

  5. These are lovely!