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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Drawings

Happy December! This month has started off really cold and I hope you all are having lots of warm days and cozy nights. Bundle up folk!

Here are more drawing I recently did. All of them were fun to try but I really captured the true look of my hubby Ron and Ellen.

Take a look! Click on the image for a larger view.

This is my second try at Rihanna. I like it!


Ellen! I really captured her with her sparkling eyes.

My honey!!! When I look at this one sometimes I get emotional. It really looks like him. Those eyes!!! Love him!

Oh, I wish you could see these drawing in person. The pictures don't really show all the details but good enough. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day!


  1. Kelly your drawings are so improved and these are fabulous! You keep this up and we will be visiting museums to get a peek. Watch out you could become a court artist!

  2. OHHHHHHHH I forgot your honey is a very handsome and I understand why you get emotional!!!!

  3. Oh, I wish I COULD see them in person. Such beautiful work you are doing. I can't believe how quickly you have learned and how much you are loving it. See, there was so much talent trapped in your little body. It just needed to be set free! Love the picture of Ron. How sweet that it makes you emotional!!

  4. Wow, you're amazing! What a gift! I am now a follower.

  5. Your drawings are lovely, it is great to see how you progress over time. Graphite is one of my favorite tools of expression. Blessings!