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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Two Peas In A Bucket CLOSING?

OMG, I woke up today to some sad news. I went to their general message boards like I do all the time and  saw the closing message. I was telling my husband about it and got choked up.

I joined the Pokey Peas there on the message boards and many of us have become long time friends. They gave me such support and praise as I was discovering my various arts. I enjoyed chatting with the girls about life too. It was a place where I grew was a woman and an artist.

I am so grateful for Two Peas and all they did for the scrapbooking community all these years. The videos, the events, the shopping and of course the friends will be missed!

Where will we hang out now? Any suggestions?


  1. I was saddened to hear this too. I poke around A Cherry on Top for shopping and occasionally looks at the message boards. Nice group there.

  2. hey, Two Peas was where WE met, right!!!!!

    1. Yep! We were on the card club. They will be dearly missed.

  3. I was sad when I heard the news today. I will miss the Pokey Peas!! I loved using the site also for inspiration. I will have to find a new spot to get inspiration. :(

  4. I just saw that on FB! How sad. That's where a lot of us met. there are some groups on Facebook and I used to go to Scrapbook.com a lot. I mostly hang out at a Project Life group on FB. So sad :(

  5. Kelly check your email! The pokey peas still exist and Nylene found us a new home. We are going to be the Pokey Peas Refugees! Here's a link to the forum we will call home!
    We miss you and we will have the thread up ASAP! There are a lot of the girls from the GS forum over at Two Peas there too!