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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

NEW ART "Field of Rest"

Today, I am happy to share my new painting called "Field of Rest." This 16x20 art is my first landscape and full person painting on canvas. It was a fun challenge and I just love how it turned out. I guess all those mornings watching the legendary t.v. painter Bob Ross paid off. LOL!

Also, the trees and sky really turned out so nice. It was a struggle but after some playing around they look so life-like. Also, the dress makes me smile. I love pink and I love the airy look.

Doesn't this breezy field of poppy flowers feel relaxing? And look at those butterflies bringing me peace and joy.

Life's journey can be stressful at times and this painting reminds me to take a break and enjoy a restful place as I recharge my batteries.

I hope this picture brings you joy today, too.


Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day!


  1. Kelly, this is gorgeous. Obviously the hours watching Bob Ross paid off, but I think you just came with lots of talent and have developed it. This will be so pretty hanging in your home. Beautiful work!

  2. Wow Kelly you did a fabulous job with this! Don't you love Bob Ross? I love the way you captured the wind blowing thru her hair and skirt. You can almost feel it on your face. The colors are so rich, and I love the way you got the shadow on the ground...just beautifully done!

  3. Oh my goodness...... My mouth is wide opened. STUNNING!!!!

  4. This is so beautiful Kelly! Looking at it just whisks away any stress!

  5. Kelly, this is so wonderful!! Just stunning! Do you have a spot picked out for it?

  6. Wow, your art piece is stunning and just looking at it brings me peace….lovely