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Permission to Rest & Art

In celebration of Mental Health Month, today's post is about resting.  Some years ago, I was feeling restless while resting from a long, hard and exhausting situation. I didn't know how to give myself permission to really let go and rest. I remember sitting on the couch thinking about housework and other stuff I needed to do. Can you relate?

Then, one day this thought hit me, "Sometimes, doing nothing is doing something!" I felt my whole body relax and that is when I gave myself permission to rest! Lying on the couch watching tv didn't seem like anything special, but it really was! My mind and body were recharging. I exhaled!!!

Since then, I am learning to recognize, listen and respect my God given, kind voice. I must admit it is a challenge and I don't get it right all the time.  That is totally fine. Just like any good relationship, it takes time, love, trust and self compassion.

How do I rest? For me, it is  things like reading Bible verses, to taking a walk, to watching a good movie or listening to meditations. I detaching in some way as I get myself together. Then, I usually feel revived and able to handle life better.

During all this self discovery, I made this art to remind me that it's ok to close my eyes and press my PAUSE/STOP button even if it is for small moments. She really captured my feelings then and now.

About the Art: 
The two hearts are sending out bubbles of self love and warm peace. She is wrapped in a heart filled tube top that I would totally wear. LOL! She is about focusing on herself, honoring who she is and what she needs. Oh, I just love her!!!

To see how I painted her, stop by my art show video listed here. Very cool process!

See the slightly hidden words? Love, Trust, Joy & Voice?

To all my busy moms, "boss babes", stressed students and just tired women, this art is for you, too. 

Girl, give yourself permission to rest! 

A part of why I burned out and got so tired was because I was trying to be "Superwoman" or "Wonder Woman"- dang near perfect. I discovered I am not and don't need to be.  I believe God created me to be a real woman with limitations, imperfections as well as gifts and talents, not a comic book creation.

Although, I am not all powerful, I did remind myself that I am a "Wonder-ful Woman" and so are you! We all are people who do "Super" things.
  • I am super when I listen to my needs and do my best to honor them. 
  • I am even super when I mess up and can laugh at myself. Can you laugh at yourself?
Celebrate you today and everyday for all the large and small "Super" things you do to take care of yourself.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Mental Health Month, too!


  1. HI KELLY!!! good post. Yes, we all need to rest. Love that art. the movement of her hair caught me eye. It's been a while. I hope you are doing well!

    1. Great to see ya! Yes, I am well and glad you liked this art. Love her hair, too.


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