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My 3rd Virtual Art Show 2014

This is my latest art show. I loved making this video featuring art from last Fall. Hope you enjoy!



  1. Oh Kelly you have done some really beautiful work here. I believe you have really stepped outside of your box and spread your wings! I can't believe how much you have grown artistically!
    I applaud you and want an encore!!!!

  2. Beautiful, Kelly, Beautiful!! Loved the blue skies ahead ladies!

  3. Wow! Once again I'm reminded and blown away by your talent! So, when's the "real" art show? You'll sell each and every piece of artwork! Amazing!!

  4. Oh my goodness Kelly, your art is stunning.
    Thank you for sharing how you did your sassy girls…I want to try this soooo badly now :)
    An easy and fun way to draw these girls…why didn't I think of this, teehee.
    The sassy girls I (think) I can do….but your Beautiful ladies…sadly I don't have your artistic talent, so I will just keep enjoying your art :)

  5. Kelly, love your pieces, so glad you shared, looking forward to seeing more of your videos! How about a tour round your studio! Blessings!