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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Fifth Anniversary

Yesterday, January 28, was our fifth wedding anniversary. We were so excited to celebrate with my husband's family and my mom. It was so wonderful to share vivid memories from the wedding.  For dinner we had some delicious Chinese food.  Yummy! My favorite part was when Ron and I exchange loving words to each other. I was very emotional in speech about  my husband and his love and care of me. His devotion has been incredible.  We have endured many tough times as well as enjoyed many great moments. But together we did! I love him more and more and so glad God brought us together! Love you Babe!

As we think back to our wedding day, it was truly magical! We had a "big fat black wedding."  The ceremony was performed by my father-in-law which was very special. There was lots of music, laughter and even some tears. We even had two fabulous receptions. It was a long day but a beautiful day that we will never forget.  Here are some pictures! Enjoy!


  1. I'm not sure what a big fat black wedding is -but it sure looks like heaps of fun!!
    Gorgeous photos and Congratulations!
    Best wishes for the next 50 years

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary and what looks to be a very happy marrige!

  3. Had to laugh at your "big fat black wedding". Love, love, love all your photos. Gorgeous dress, you looked fabulous. I especially love that sunset shot. Glad you had a wonderful anniversary and that your love is even stronger now.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Oh what I'd give to have those nice thin toned arms! LOL!! You were a beautiful bride!

  5. Gorgeous pictures, Kelly! Happy anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! God's continued blessing for you two! Beautiful pictures