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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coloring Books

Coloring books... I love them. A few years ago before my artistic discovery, my husband bought me some coloring books with paints. I had been feeling like I wanted to color and paint out of the blue. I hadn't painted probably since elementary school. So I jumped in and started coloring with crayons, then colored pencils and finally paints. I was so surprised how much I enjoyed this. It was so relaxing and expressive.

I recently got back into the mood and started coloring again. It seems to help me in between card making projects. The colors fill up my creative tank so I have more to give to other artsy passions.

Here is a page I did that I just love! I love butterflies and color so this was a perfect combo for me. I added some inspirational words for me and that was it. I have this posted so everyday I can be reminded of my beauty, worth and purpose.

Live In Color

So, when is the last time you picked up a coloring book? I have Disney books and they are fun. Get your kid's books and have a ball. Don't worry about perfection and mistakes. Just let yourself be free to have fun and express yourself through color.

Have a great day!


  1. very pretty. i still love to color and have my own box of crayons no one is allowed to touch lol!!! nor my coloring books.

  2. Great job with the mixing of colors, love those big bold butterflies as well. I think there is definitely something about coloring that brings out the little "person" in all of us, my daughter (whom I might add is 22 years old) has confiscated all my coloring books and crayons, but I know where they are if I'm so inclined.

  3. Ahhhh - crayons!
    Lovely picture.
    I think I probably color once a week with our daughter - does that count?

  4. Kelly, these are so pretty. I love the print and the variety of colors you used. So beautifully done.

  5. Ooh, looking at these reminds me of how much fun coloring is! I LOVE TO COLOR! Yours looks beautiful btw! Thanks for the reminder to get out the crayons!

  6. These look amazing! The colors are gorgeous.