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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday Blog Party Winner

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes and coming to my Birthday Blog Party. You all made me feel so special! Awwwww!!!!  So glad you enjoyed hearing some of my favorite childhood party memories.  I also enjoyed reading your fun birthday stories. This was such a cool idea and I hope to do it again next year. :) Maybe next time we will play some games and have more prizes.

I did have some great moments over the last few days especially going to Alamitos Bay yesterday! So relaxing there. Oh, and I did have my Lemon Cake Pie and it was heavenly!!!!  I think I will have to make up another special event so I can get more. LOL! 

OK, now for the winner! Ron randomly selected a winner and I decided to pick TWO!!!!! So they are:

Rita D

"Happy early Birthday Kelly! sounds like you had a lot of fun memories, more than me. But the best memory that I have is when I celebrated my 50th in Jamaica! yeah baby! We tried to do everything. we played tennis, went bike riding, went to church, went to a club, of course we got in the turquoise water, went on four tours ate, ate and ate, lol. The VERY sad thing is that I have NO idea where all of my pictures are. We were so lucky to still have them because I slipped and fell in the Dunns River Falls (or something like that) and my camera fell in the water. When we got home i took the chip in and we were still able to put the pics on a cd. We saw the pictures only one time, never to be seen again : (
Anyway, we had a GREAT time, and I'm sure that one day those pics will appear just as mysteriously as they disappeared."

Donna Simone

"Happy Birthday, Kelly!!! I'm glad to be at the party!!! I just grooved to "Atomic Dog" myself... never gets old!

My fave birthday memory, eh? There are a LOT of them, but I'll go with the most epic: My first annual 29th birthday party (where really I turned 22!)... Hundreds of friends, we hired my 5 fave LA bands to play (Black Party Politics, Multitude of Girls, Jussie Smollett, JJ & The Spectacular and Vintage Trouble), my fave djs were on the 1-2s, we had an open bar and even a food truck! I've repeated the extravaganza since, but that first year was incredible!!!

I hope your day is wonderful! Enjoy your well-earned dessert!!! XO"

They each won a $5.00 Starbucks gift card! Woo hoo!!!! I hope you both enjoy it which I know you will. Just email me (ksimonew@aol.com) your mailing address and I will mail them to you. Put "Birthday Winner" in the email subject line!

Again, thanks everyone for making my birthday so memorial and special! Have a terrific day!