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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Video Gift For Us

Our Mother's Day card collection was a hit! I love how they turned out and hoped all the moms would feel the love we put into these cards. However, I never expected to receive so much of the love I sent out to circle back and hug me!
I love communicating on Twitter (my Twitter name is ksunlight). One of my Twitter friends is the Gospel Recording Artist Vickie Winans.  I met her last year online and shared my cards with her.  She loved them and sent out the most incredible tweets. Since then, she has been an amazing cheerleader for me and K. Simone Designs.

For Mother’s Day I wanted to make something special for Vickie. I thought about creating one of my special mini album cards.  I had some of Prima’s beautiful patterned paper and some other special embellishments. That is just what I needed to get started. After adding some purple glitter paper, bling, delicate trim and flowers, it was a masterpiece!

I packaged the album in this beautiful floral box.

Love that Prima patterned paper. This lavender heart shaped slider was just perfect.
Ron and I were so excited to send it to her and couldn’t wait to hear her response.  Well, she tweeted the following:


Vickie Winans @vickiewinans mentioned you:

Here it is! I'm weeping! Whew! Tough week,
but this lifted me more that you'll ever know!!!

Then she posted this VIDEO for me! Yes, a heart felt, amazing video!

Can you believe it? This was an incredible gesture of gratitude and love. You should of seen Ron and I as we watched this. I cried and we laughed, smiled, and rejoiced.  What a gift she gave us! I will never forget it! WOW! :)

She really expressed the spirit of my work. I want these cards to uplift and encourage others. I want the receivers to feel so hugged and cherished.  This makes me so happy to know my efforts are bringing such joy and love to others.  I see what I do as a gift from God. So it is extra exciting to see Him work through my hands to bless others. Amazing!!!

Stop by Vickie’s website for more information on her CDs, DVDs and shows. Vickie's Website  Also follow her on Twitter for some fun and inspirational tweets.

Thanks again Vickie! You are the best!
Along with her music, this is one of comedy DVDs I bought. So talented and funny!


  1. oh my, Kelly, I was in tears watching the video. You really blessed her with the card, really blessed her. It is so evident in her voice that you gave her a special gift when she needed it. And in return, you are blessed too through the spirit of giving. ((hugs)) to you! (:

  2. Oh Kelly, what a beautiful, heartfelt thank you!! You couldn't get a higher compliment my friend and so deserving..that mini album card was so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your card and video from your friend. Now, I'm off to find you two on Twitter!! xoxo

  3. How cool to have such a talented superstar love your designs. That is soooo awesome!!!!

  4. this is such an amazing mini Kelly! And that was so sweet of her to recognize something so special!

  5. Kelli that is cool!! I'm all goosebumpy for you! As usual everything is GORGEOUS!!

  6. Kelly, I see all kinds of wonderful things have taken place during my brief pause. It's always nice to know that people truely appreciate your time and talent as well as be a blessing to others. BTW, that card is terrific too!!!

  7. After reading everything, watching the video and reading everyone else comments...all I could do was cry. EVERYTHING you do and say is a beautiful blessing! May you keep blessing others and may God keep blessing U! Love U!