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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paintings with Inspiration

Happy day to you all. Today, I am presenting some of my mixed media art paintings. After doing so many fun journal pages, I wanted to try doing a painting using my leftover paper pad backs. They are a hard cardboard and great to practice as I head toward creating on a canvas.

I created a collage affect as the base with book pages and/or patterned paper. The faces were done separately and then I cut them out and added. Some of the faces I did with colored pencil and others I painted. Still learning how to paint their faces and added shadowing, too.

Also, I liked mixing inspiration words and text with these images.

So here they are. Which is your favorite??? Click on the pictures for a enlarged view.

God's Delight

This was my very first one. I like the metallic gold on her turban and earrings. I also added that gold on the edges.

I like how the book text is peeking through.


Don't you feel the peace? Love the colors and that hair!

So Special

The large circles and her turban have metallic gold. The book text is so fun saying, "You are so special!"

I have been practicing face shadowing on this one and love how she turned out.


Joy, happiness, contentment, smile is what this one makes me feel. Love her face and hair!

I added these words around as the border and of course the butterflies magical dust! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for visiting!


  1. Kelly, these are amazing. I can see you have loved working with these. Love the faces and the touches of gold. The last one looks like YOU! So pretty. Love the book pages showing through. What a talent you are developing!

  2. I agree with Nylene! These are true works of art! I can not believe you have only been drawing and painting for a few weeks and look how well you are doing. I could never do this! Fabulous!

  3. Kelly these are amazing. What a beautiful way to express yourself. You have quite the calling,girl!! I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite as they are all so artistic and gorgeous!

  4. Honey: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am very proud of the artist you have become. It has been absolutely amazing how the quality of your work has grown in such a short period of time. You are inspiring the artist within me.

  5. Gorgeous creations. Peace and joy are my faves!

  6. Just saw your work and its absolutely beautiful! Peace is my favorite!

  7. Oh Kelly!! Once again I am amazed!! I love the hair on Peace!! I love the face shadowing and turban on So Special..she reminds me of my mom in her younger days! They are all so beautiful!!

  8. YOU made that ??? SO BEAUTIFUL ! The thirs one is my favorite !

  9. Okay, each one of your paintings are more beautiful than the next, but if I had to select one, you know I would select the purple lady. She's simply beautiful.