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Friday, July 4, 2014

Art for Me

Happy 4th of July! I hope you are licking those fingers from eating delicious BBQ and all the fixings. Today I am sharing some fun paintings I did on some old large paper I had. It was a nice change to create on such big paper.

Recently, I heard a song that inspired me to want to make a special painting for myself. After I made that one, I got so inspired I had to make more pictures of parts of my life.

Also, this was a new challenge too to paint the skin colors. I haven't done that very much and still learning how to do it. But I do love how the colors turned out.

Take a look and hope you have a fun holiday weekend!

Just love the butterflies and the magical dust they give. The hair was so fun, too!

Love the skin tones and the circles. They look like bubbles!

I found this flower online and had to add it.

Still working on this one. Not sure what to add to the background. Maybe nothing.


  1. Oh Kelly these are so great. I know getting the skin tones right must be difficult, but I think you got it!!!! I can't believe how much progress you have made with both painting and drawing. Very awesome and a very spocial gift to you.

  2. Wow Kelly!! These are awesome! Once again you've done a beautiful job. I love the butterflies and especially the couple with the bubbles! You've always had talent but I see it growing by leaps and bounds! Beautiful my friend :)

  3. oh wow, the hair is just GORGEOUS! love how it flows and gives movement to the art!

  4. Wow, Kelly, your artwork is amazing. I love the hair and the flowers and and circles. You are doing such wonderful work. What a talent you are developing. Love, love, love these.