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Thursday, July 10, 2014

More Mixed Media Paintings

Happy Thursday! I have been drawing and painting still and learning so much. Last art I shared focused on darker skin tones  so this time I wanted to try lighter ones. I was mixing away those colors. Some trial and error before I found natural looking tones.

Take a look! Which one do you like?

This was my first one. I love the white flakes I added.

She looks nice and tan.

I was inspired to create this one from Donna Downey art on her website. Love the wild, free hair.

I wanted to try a face with glasses and love it. Here hair came out great, too.

I love the bubbles. I added a little blue to them to add dimension.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are stunning,I could not pick because they are all beautiful!

  2. you are really doing such a great job on the hair. I love the subtle mix of colors and the flow!

  3. wow these are awesome! The one with the flowing hair is perfect!

  4. Wow Kelly! They are all amazing! If I had to choose...nope-can't do it. I love them all!

  5. They look great! Love your glasses face! I had to go over my acrylic with neocolors to turn down the green on my lady. Gotta work on my paint blending! 👽

  6. Your art is fabulous! I loved to look at all these expressive faces, with these gorgeous colors.

  7. Wow, really great job. My favorite is the wild and free hair girl.