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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Stay Gallery

Most of you know me as a scrapbooker and greeting card creator. And over the last few years, I have included art to my list of passions. As a growing young artist, it is great to see our city of Downey has a growing art community. Just this year, Ron and I has gone to concerts in the park, food festivals, art shows, and music festivals all organized by our city or local groups.

Earlier this month, we visited the  Stay Gallery for their opening exhibit called "For The Love Of EARTH" featuring artist Ricky Ostendi. They had a great turn out to see his fantastic art show.

We even went back on a last Saturday to enjoy it all again. While we were there we met staff member Aldo and co-founder and creative director Gabriel who told us the history of this gallery and some of their future plans. They are doing some great things here in the city to help create a thriving art community.

Now here are few pictures of our time there.

I just loved all the dramatic faces!

These painting were done on sheets of music.

This painting was on a surf board.

Of course, I was inspired to try his edgy style for fun. Seeing his used of black gave me permission to use it to express my edgy emotions. But of course I had to add a flower to soften my faces up. LOL!

Loved using some of my stash of paper flowers. I colored them with my water color crayons.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed our visit to the Stay Gallery.


  1. Kelly, I love those photos you took. You and Ron are such an attractive couple! Love the new work you have done. I'm so glad you are getting into the community arts programs.

  2. Kelly this is awesome! Your drawings are as great as his! I just can not believe how far you have come with your drawings! Just rocking the creative bell!

  3. Your art is stunning :)
    Is it great to check out local talent :)

  4. Oh my! My first thought was...YOU should be in that gallery! Your work is THAT good! You've blossomed into an amazing artist!

  5. AS I was scrolling I thought to myself that your visits there would inspire your own art and viola! there it is. AMAZING work, Kelly!

  6. I believed one second you were exposed... And I thought that I prefered your "previous" style, then I realized it wasn't your work, and when I see your own (gorgeous) work at the end, I was happy to see that it was still really "you", because I really love your creations!

  7. I am a fan, it looked like an inspiring gallery, I think you should consider exhibiting as well young lady! Blessings for the weekendx

  8. What wonderful colors and pictures.

    Hugs Diane