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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Highlight Part 4

Thanks to all of you that visited each of these four days. I enjoyed posting some of my holiday joys with you. Today is the last day and I will be sharing some scrapbook layouts I did over the last few days and weeks. Each  page includes some hidden journaling and that was fun thinking of where to put them.

Here goes!

Made the bow out of that beautiful glitter paper.

I added the tissue paper to make this look like a gift bag.

These glitter letters actually came off a gift bag and it was fun using it on a page.

Love making more of these tulle flowers.

A friend made a pocket layout for her holiday cards and I wanted to try it too. Great way to save those precious cards from family and friends.

Hope you enjoyed these layouts and my holiday highlights. Have a marvelous day!


  1. I love that you did one in blue as well as the traditional. For me blue is a traditional Christmas color as well. My hubby is colored blind (red and green lights all look like clear) so he loves to have blue lights around, so I have accepted that as part of our Christmas tradition. Your layouts are just wonderful. You and DH take wonderful photos, and it looks like you two really enjoyed yourself this holiday season.

  2. Beautiful layouts!!!
    Each layout has its own special unique look to them, but all equally stunning.

  3. Gorgeous layouts! You are so talented.
    Thanks for sharing your holidays.

  4. Love these! You just do such great work! You have a special spot that adds so much to your creativity! I think it is wrapped up inside your heart! Loving the photos of you and Ron!!!

  5. I hadn't seen the NOEL page or your Christmas card pocket page. They are just as fabulous as the other pages. I love the tissue paper sticking out of the gift bag.

    1. I also love the non-traditional color background.