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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Happy Wednesday! Today I will share more art. So glad you all liked the last one and this is another fun one. Sometimes, I am in the mood to get my fingers nice and messy with paint. When I made this one I was definitely having a blast.

I made the flower balls by mixing several colors of paint and swirling them around. So cool! Then, the confetti was made with my fingers. I felt like a kid doing finger painting! Try if you haven't and you will be surprise how giddy you get.

I hope you feel the party and celebration in this picture.

At first I was only going to made couple of balls, but after I got going I almost couldn't stop. LOL!

Find the happiness and joy in you life today. Come back Friday for more art.


  1. Kelly, you know, don't you, that finger painting is used for people under stress! You must be so relaxed after doing this great painting. I love the flower balls and the confetti that fall on her. Such a beautiful face. What an amazing job you are doing. I just love this.

  2. Very pretty! Love the mixed colors in the flower balls. Looks like a lot of fun.
    I popped over here from the bloggers list on SB.com. Would love to have you visit my blog. :)

  3. Oh Kelly you are so good at this! Love the flowers and they looks so pretty in her hair!

  4. Yep, this shouts JOY!! It's a celebration and a beautiful one at that!

  5. the flower balls are gorgeous. The varied colors just blend so beautifully in the swirl!

  6. Messy hands is the best part of painting! The colors are wonderful and happy with this piece!