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Monday, December 14, 2015

Home Deco Art

Over the last several months I have been adding some things to redecorate our apartment. It is nice now but just didn't feel like me, ya know? So I am making window valances and made some art. My new colors are sky blues, lemon yellows and pinks. I just love pink! LOL!

In this post I will share some of the art I made on these large canvases. Take a look!

I made a messy and fun background. Then painted blue to shape the vase.

Love how bright and happy it turned out.

I mostly used my fingers to make the flowers.

This was so fun! I used tape to make the lines. Painted yellow over it and them pulled the tape off.

Used my fingers again to make the flowers along with a brush.

Used that tape again and my fingers for the flowers. I originally had one painting but didn't like. So I painted over it and created this.
Hope you enjoyed my art. It  makes me happy and can't wait to get all this redeco done after the holidays. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh Kelly if these don't make you happy nothing will! They are so fresh and colorful! I can't believe how you painted those flowers with your fingers! Mine would look like fingers but yours are beautiful. Awesome job girl friend!!!

  2. Wow, Kelly, you are quite the artist! I love the floral motifs with the bright colors. I think the middle (celebrate) one is my fave! Love the idea of taping it off for lines. They're all so fabulous!

  3. Perfect for providing a happy, light and airy feel. I am envious of your talent. I have absolutely none! What a great way to make your apartment your own. Thank you so much for sharing your work.

  4. All such happy & bright colors - just makes me smile. Lovin' the yellow striped background canvas :)

  5. Love how you layered the paint on the first one.

    Irish Eyes

  6. Wow, Kelly, these are beautiful. These will make your house so bright and cheery. I love the "finger" flowers. You are soooo creative. I'll bet Ron loves them! Great job.

  7. You make finger painting look so beautiful.
    Such stunning pieces of art.
    I bet you smile every time you walk past one of your pieces :)

  8. Beautiful canvases! Love the colors. Happy New Year!