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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fly Girl

Happy Thursday! I hope you are enjoying your day. As many of you know, I started mixed media art journaling this Summer and I am so HOOKED! I am still so amazed at how much I am loving this. Just a year ago, I started teaching myself to draw and now I am exploring this free-style art journaling.

Susan aka SARK author of Succulent Wild Woman said, "You can express parts of yourself in painting that come from nowhere else. There is an interior part of you that has no words and dreams in color." I totally believe this and seeing it before my eyes.

So, here I am having a great adventure learning new techniques, playing around with colors, journaling, shopping and just having fun.

Since I started I have loved being messy and unstructured in my art. But yesterday, I wanted to draw a face. I have been practicing drawing lately and wanted to incorporate it into my journal. So, I was so overjoyed at how this turned out and couldn't wait to share with you all!

Take a look!

This is my encouragement to fly toward my dreams and live out my purpose.

 Love the little yellow drops. Looks like magic dust.

Love the butterflies! I used a stencil and make-up sponge to dab the paint on.

Oh and the hair! I love it!
Isn't this amazing? I love the message and the outcome and hope it inspires you to keep reaching for your dreams. Thanks for looking and have a super day.


  1. WOW...this is beautiful. I love the vibrant colors. Love the hair too!

  2. just gorgeous, Kelly! I just love the flowing hair and the "magic" dust!

  3. Kelly, this is so amazing. I love your Fly Girl. The hair, the face, the gold droplets all make her so beautiful. I'm loving sharing in your art adventures!
    Fabulous work!

  4. Wow that is a beautiful piece of art. I love it!!

  5. Wow you continue to amaze me with your drawings! This is beautiful Kelly! Love how you sprinkled the fairy dust thru her hair and the butterflies are beautiful! Love the colors and your special touches! I am so glad you have found another resource to express yourself. Beautiful work!

  6. This is bsolutly orgeous, Kelly! I am blown away.

  7. Beautiful.. I found you through Twitter..