butterfly background

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hello all! Hope your day is going well. Today, I have another art journal page to share.  This art journaling has been so inspirational for me and I am THANKFUL for this gift.

Here is another "Fly Girl." I love how she is letting the wind carry her and the butterflies nurturing her.

Take a look and hope it inspires you the way it has me.

Love the motion of the hair.

Love those eyelashes! Oh and the butterflies turned out so pretty!

Here is more of the magic dust from the butterflies.

The white I added looks likes clouds.

Thanks for visiting and have a terrific day!


  1. Kelly, this is so amazing. I love the streaming hair and the butterflies. She is gorgeous. Love your journaling. I can tell you are loving this!

  2. Oh I love this!!!! Wow - its stunning!!!

  3. Soooo pretty! I love her hair, and eyes and the pretty colors of the butterflies! You are doing such a great job with this! I am so happy that you found another avenue to expand your creativity!

  4. WOW!!!! Love this beautiful creation. The butterflies are fabulous too.

  5. Another stunning page or your art journal.
    Your art is so freeing and beautiful.

  6. Love the free flowing hair and how it spreads to the other page.